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  • Pond filter kit TFB-1200

    Pond filter kit TF-1200 with gigantic 1200 liter volume. - Complete with all filter materials. -pumped version- WITHOUT BARRELS!

  • Pipe bushing

    EPDM Pipe bushing for pipes Ø70-75mm

     - the flexible container-tube connection - without glue!

  • Pond filter MF-315

    Pond Filter: Complete with all filter materials.

    Recommended pump capacity: 10,000 L / h

  • Filterbush cleaner

    Filterbrush cleaner: For no splashing purifying filter brushes with Ø15cm and 60 cm length.

  • filter parts and accessories

    filter parts

    and accessories.


    you need

    for build

    a pond filter.