packaging licensing

Redemption and notification obligations

Sales packaging is in principle by the distributor - so the trader who has sent to the customer - Real redeem and deliver an appropriate recovery. In the field of distance selling the Packaging Ordinance regulates extent that the withdrawal must be guaranteed by suitable return facilities within reasonable distance to the end user. Since the mail order company is, however, generally do not have their registered office in the vicinity of the customer, ultimately leaving only the opportunity to give the customers free recycling of empty packaging.

Obligations for online retailers

For distributors that applies to sell their products and provide online that they are responsible for the proper utilization of the transport packaging and thus had to take part in one of the so-called dual systems in Germany. Through participation ensures that the packages are properly supplied to the recovery cycle.

He must point its customers that they have to dispose of the packaging on the "yellow bin" or the "yellow bag" or in the paper itself and ensure that its packaging are recyclable. For this, the Packaging Ordinance provides two ways: either by

"Withdrawal" of the packaging or
Use of licensed packaging material.

"Redemption" (dual system)

In practice, the actual return of packaging material by mail order can not be implemented. But the costs make it generally nonsensical that the final consumer packaging, including the sales package (think of a shampoo bottle!) Sends back to the dealer.

As "Redemption" applies to mail order company instead attending a recognized and comprehensive waste management system. In Germany there are several such "dual systems". For which supplier to the mail order company decides however left to him.

Licensed packaging material

Alternatively ideal for mail order companies use exclusively licensed packaging material. This can be initially cheaper than participating in a dual system. However, the merchant must ensure that in fact exclusively licensed material is used. For this purpose he should be able to confirm in writing the licensing of its packaging seller.

The problem, however, is the use of already-consumer packaging material, even if it is already licensed. Because usually allows the licensing not recognize the package so that the dealer can be difficult to prove that the material is licensed.



We participate in the "dual system" part. Our partner is the Noventiz GmbH:



packaging licensing

We suggest that you have to dispose of the packaging on the "yellow bin" or the "yellow bag" or in the paper itself. We make sure the licensing that the packaging be recycled.