Shipping is with German Post / DHL.

The shipping cost is depending on weight and volume:

Großbrief Shipping
Germany 2.90 Euro
Europe (EU) 4,50 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 4,50 Euro


Packet xs to 0.5kg (EU only)
Europe (EU) 4,90 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 4,90 Eur


Packet s up to 1kg (EU only)
Europe (EU) 9,00 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 9,00 Euro


Parcels up to 2kg
Germany 4.90 Euro
Europe (EU) 9,90 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 13,90 Euro


Packages 2kg to 5kg
Germany 7.90 Euro
Europe (EU) 17,90 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 28,90 Euro


Packages 5kg to 10kg
Germany 8.90 Euro
Europe (EU) 22,90 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 35,90 Euro


Packages 10kg to 20kg
Germany 15,90 Euro
Europe (EU) 32,90 Euro
Europe (non-EU) 50,90 Euro


Shipping sacks (Lava)

Shipping is by parcel service.

The shipping cost is depending on weight and volume:

per bag (21kg)
Germany 3,29 Euro *

(This price is valid only for the shipment of the bagged material and can not be combined with other products.)
This service is possible only in Germany!


Pick Up

If you collect them, are no shipping costs.


delivery time

From dispatch time by us until the arrival of the shipment to you, it takes about 2 days, in some cases up to 7 days. Please understand that we can deliver until the next day usually, and there may be small delays. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are, however, always strive to deliver as soon.